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The Most Predictable Football Championships


Betting on football requires a special talent – the ability to accurately predict the outcomes of matches. This is by no means an easy feat to achieve, as it requires a good deal of research and analysis. Most of the time, some football competitions are more predictable than others.

In some cases, trends and patterns persist, making a punter’s job so much easier. Read on to find out some of the most predictable football championships.


Predictable Football Championships

No football tournament in the world features a set of teams that are evenly matched in terms of skill and talent. This creates a clear hierarchy, where some teams are clearly superior to their counterparts. This discrepancy is more apparent in some competitions when compared to others.

This power dynamic can come in handy, especially for punters. It makes predicting the outcome of certain matched so much easier. If you’re looking to win your next few bets, consider staking your money on these competitions, because more often than not, the outcomes are easy to predetermine.

The list of most predictable football championships include:


Italian Seria A

If you want to bet on outrights, Serie A is the way to go. Juventus have continuously won the top tier Italian league for almost a decade now, and it is likely that this pattern will continue for the next few years unless some drastic changes are made (to Juventus and their competitors). Staking your money on Juve to win the league is always a safe bet.

Major League Soccer

Are you a fan of the over/under market? Then the United States’ Major League Soccer is the tournament for you. It is a high scoring league, averaging at 2.99 goals per match. It is a great choice for the over 1.5 or over 2.5 goals market.

Scottish League 1

Just like MSL, the top tier Scottish League is great for the over/under goal market. According to statistics, more than 70% of all matches in a season end with over 2.4 goals, and close to 90% of them end with over 1.5 goals scored in total.

Greek Super League

If you want to bet on the other side of the market, check out the Greek Super League. Betting under 2.5 goals on a Greek Super League match would be a wise decision to make because it is a low scoring tournament on average.

Italian Serie B

Serie B is a great competition to bet on if you love the Draw No Bet market. Out of all major football tournaments in the world, a Serie B tournament is statistically more likely to end up in a draw when compared to other competitions.

The English Premier League

Out of the top European football tournaments, the Premier League is arguably the most evenly matched. This is what makes it a great tournament for the BTTS market. Rarely do we see a match with clean sheets, unless a top-flight team has to play against a recently promoted team for instance.

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