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What is Asian handicap?


If you’re serious about getting into betting, there are certain things you must learn at all costs. Asian handicap is one of those things.

Perhaps, it’s one of the most widely spread phenomena among professional bettors, using its advantages to the core and giving themselves a much bigger opportunity for success.


Asian handicap is partly explained within its name.

When two sides meet, one of them is being given a handicap, and then you bet on if they will overcome the handicap or lose it. It’s simple to understand.

For example, Barcelona face Granada in La Liga. If Barcelona was the heavy favorite, which it would be under most circumstances, the odds for the Catalans would move around 1.20 if they were playing at the Camp Nou. However, the Asian handicap allows you to bet on Barcelona winning by two goals margin.

Another instance, Barcelona (-1.5) – Granada means that Barcelona start the match with a goal down on your bet. In this situation, any two-goal difference win would see your bet succeed. Obviously, you can bet on the other team, so if Granada draws, wins, or even loses by just one goal, your bet is a success.


Asian handicap isn’t exclusively limited to the final score.

It’s quite literally everywhere in sports betting. You can bet on handicaps for corners taken, yellow, and even red cards. It isn’t limited to football, either.

You’ll often find tennis bets offering you handicap for games or sets won in a match. For example, if Roger Federer is playing a weaker opponent for the best of three, the handicap would be -1.5 on Federer, so that if he wins the match 2-0, your bet is a success. 

The basic usage of handicap is that it excludes the three-way guessing. So, with the Asian handicap, there are only two possible outcomes at any time, which drastically raises your chance for success.

You’ll also often find 0.0 handicap in football for close matchups. If the two relatively even sides collide and there isn’t a heavy favorite, handicap doesn’t favor one or the other. Instead, it allows you to exclude the draw completely.

This means you can only bet on the first or the second team to win.

In case none of them does win and the match ends in a draw, you get your money back.


Aside from the cut-clear ones, such as 0.0, 0.5, 1.5, there are handicaps in-between.

What we mean by that is that you will run into 0.75 or 0.25 handicap. Specifically, if you bet on the home team which is handicapped by 0.25, then you take a bit more risk than betting with 0.0, but less risk compared to 0,5.

In case you lose your bet, and the home team doesn’t win, you get half of your stakes back, while you lose the other half. 

Asian handicap is so popular for a reason, giving bettors the flexibility and power to control their bets. So, if you’re serious about betting – learn all about Asian handicap!

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