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Importance Of Statistic For Soccer Betting

The importance of soccer statistic for soccer betting

How important are statistics for soccer bettors?


Statistics play a really important role in the modern soccer. Fans fighting over statistics on social media is a common sight in the modern world of soccer.

Statistics play multiple roles in soccer and they are involved in almost every aspect of the game. Hence, it is no surprise that a lot of soccer statistics websites have come up in recent years.

These websites are made to serve different kind of audiences. Some of these websites sell their data to football clubs and media companies while some are set up to serve casual soccer fans.

These numbers also play an important rule in the soccer betting industry. In fact, statistics are any punter’s best weapon against bookmakers. We take a look at how statistic for soccer betting can help you.

Expected Goals

Expected Goals (xG) is the best thing that has happened to soccer statistics, so all soccer analysts say. xG tell you the actual amount of goals any side should have scored in the game rather than goals they actually scored. Thus, xG shows you the real picture, and almost all statisticians back this model.

xG models of various soccer sides could tell you what to expect from them. The same could be said about strikers. Some research on internet will lead you to websites which provide expected goals models for free.

Past Forms of both sides

If you are looking to bet on any game, then the first step is to check past forms of both sides. Past forms of both sides can tell you a lot about how the game is going to play out. You should try to find a pattern in past results and bet on the same outcome. There are several websites where you can find past forms for any upcoming soccer game.

Head-to-head records

There are some games where recent head-to-head record really matters, most notably derbies. It’s famously said recent forms go don’t matter in derbies.

This statistic’s use is not limited to derbies though, and it is always advisable to check out head-to-head records and find patterns. For example, some players like to score against particular teams, and this pattern could be used in the goalscorer market. You can find such stats on websites such as or

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