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Is there any thing like fixed matches in betting world?

Is there any thing like fixed matches in betting world?

Match fixing remains a problem in a number of sports.


The betting world has a few issues, with fixed matches arguably the most important of them all.

Match fixing has been a problem in sport for a long, long time. Action has been taken to try and prevent it, but it remains present in a number of different sports.

How does match fixing work in sport – and how can you protect yourself against fixed matches?


A brief history of sport’s match fixing problem

There are countless examples of match fixing in sport, unfortunately. Football has been affected perhaps more than most other sports.

In the 1960s, there was a major match fixing scandal involed several Football League players, including two who had played internationally for England.

Italian football has a particularly bad reputation for match fixing. Totonero is the name given to a scandal in 1980 that saw AC Milan and Lazio among the teams implicated.

Perhaps the biggest match fixing scandal in football in modern times was also in Italy. The 2006 Italian football scandal – known in the country as Calciopoli – saw AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio,and Reggina all implicated.

Juventus were even stripped of the Serie A title and relegated to the second division due to the team’s involvement.


Is there still a match fixing problem in sport now?

Horse racing has long been suspected to have a problem with fixing, while certain other sports are deemed more susceptible.

You will find it hard to find a sport that has not been affected by this issue to some extent at one point or another.

In football, examples of fixing remain quite rare, though. Minor leagues tend to be affected much more than in globally watched competitions such as the Premier League.

Calciopoli, though, was a warning sign that nobody who is involved in sport can afford to be complacent.


Why does match fixing happen?

Money. The reason for match fixing’s existence is a simple one. It exists to help people make a lot of money.

Bookmakers, however, are against the problem as it does not help the reputation of the gambling industry.

Some believe betting sites are in on it when matches are fixed, but this is completely not the case.

Bookmakers, after all, need little help in making money and most of them are extremely profitable already.

Match fixing actually eats into their margins as it is one way people can get guaranteed profits out of betting.

For the average sports fan, match fixing is not something that is likely to have an impact on them on a daily basis.


Finding or avoiding fixed matches in sport

Fixing in sport is a secretive business for a lot of obvious reasons. But there are still people who claim to know which matches are going to be fixed.

This information should be taken with a pinch of salt, though, as any knowledge of fixing in sport is very hard to come by.

It may also not be reliable so it is advisable to be very wary of acting on any information about alleged fixing.

Some results may look suspicious after the fact, but sport is unpredictable – one of the reasons why we love it!

Match fixing may be a problem in sport, even now, but most people will never be affected by this issue.

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