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Best Websites To Get Detailed Football Statistics, Live Scores & Betting Odds

Football stats sites for most accurate sports predictions


Over the last decade, football statistics, live scores and betting odds have become a huge and important part of football, and also other sports. Statistic is very important for soccer betting.

Nowadays, football clubs are using a lot of statistics and data to identify potential targets in the transfer market, and in other multiple aspects.

As football bettors have access to more football data than ever, statistics also play a huge role in the football betting industry.

A look at the past results of a side can tell a lot about what is going to happen in its next game. Hence, we always suggest all football bettors make use of these statistics as much as possible before engaging in sports betting deals in any sports bookies.

You can use these following websites to make the most accurate sport predictions.

BetFame and SportsTrade and are comparatively new entrants into soccer statistics. However, both websites have made a nice impression in a short time. Both websites sport an easy-to-navigate layout, and you can find the latest scores from all major soccer leagues.


FTScores claims to provide the widest coverage of the live scores in the world of soccer. Besides live scores, you can also find other useful statistics on this website.

BetScans is not your ordinary soccer statistic website. This website claims to be the only platform to have a bet scanning tool. On this website, you can find a huge selection of upcoming soccer games and then find value bets for these games with the help of the scanning tool.

This is another popular name among football fans. WhoScored has made a name for itself due to its features such as injury news, match previews, H2H record etc.

On this website, you can find detailed previews of upcoming games with interesting stats and injury news. In every preview, there is a section where users also vote on the scoreline prediction.

Opta Stats

Opta is the most famous name in football statistics, and it has been responsible for popularizing terms such as expected goals among football fans. Arguably, they are the biggest name in the industry, but they don’t provide their data for free. Hence, this website mostly caters to professional users.

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