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Asian Handicap Betting Guide

A look at all popular Asian handicap betting market


Asian Handicap (AH) is one of the most popular markets in the football market, and arguably the most confusing one for football fans.

If you have been facing problems understanding the rules of this particular and then our following Asian Handicap betting guide will remove all your doubts.

The main characteristic of the AH market is that it removes the tie result from the outcome. In a normal match-result market, there are three possible outcomes – win, draw or defeat.

However, in the AH market, you are required only to either back a home win or an away win.

Furthermore, like the normal Handicap market, AH market also allows you to back the favorites to win by a certain margin.

The following table details all common scenarios for the Asian Handicap betting.

Asian Handicap betting table from Wikipedia

Asian Handicap 0.0

We will start with the explanation of AH 0.0. This means that there is no handicap given to any side, and a win for your side will result in you winning the bet. However, in case of a draw, you will get a refund instead of losing your money.

Asian Handicap -0.5

In this case, you have a negative handicap of 0.5. Hence, both draw and defeat will result in a lost bet for you.

Asian Handicap -1

An Asian handicap of -1 means that you will only win the bet if your backed side wins the game by a margin of two or more goals. In case of a win by a solitary goal, the bet amount will be refunded.

Asian Handicap +0.5

As mentioned in the above table, in this case, a draw result in a winning bet, but any kind of a loss means that your money is not coming back.

Asian Handicap +1

In this case, your side will be given a positive handicap of one goal. Hence, a defeat by a solitary will get you a refund, and a draw will result in a winning bet.

Two-way handicap market

This is another variant of the handicap market in which you can split your money into two different bets. For example, if you are backing Arsenal to in at (+1, +1.5) handicap, then half of your money goes on Arsenal at +1 handicap and the other half at Arsenal +1.5 handicap.

Asian Handicap betting tips

There are many professional betting tipsters online that provide Asian Handicap betting tips with consistent accuracy. You can get from free betting tips to paid soccer tips depends on the accuracy of the tipsters.

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